Container Tracking at your fingertips.

Smart container control & Synchro-tracking assets in the intermodal transport.

Who we are

Sÿnc Global Technology B.V. or “Sync” in short, is a company in the Netherlands with a team of engineers.

What we do

We are researching and developing a platform where containers can be tracked and locked. We prioritize security and durability. We have developed a lock for containers that lets customers track their cargo, see if and by whom the container was unlocked, with real time notifications.

A few things we’re great at


Track your containers anywhere, anytime. With our online tracking solutions, users are able to see where their containers are on a global scale.


Not only are users able to track the position of the container, but also when, where and by whom it has been opened. Never again will your containers be opened by unauthorised personel.


By tracking their containers, users will be able to visualise the supply chain used to transport. Managing supply chains has never been so clear.


For more information about what we do, please contact us at or call us at +31 6 24477275.

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Our Team

Francisco Valderrama


Tom van Dijk


Kim Seinstra

HR & Sales

Mike Vrieswijk

Embedded Hardware Developer

Niels Snijders

Web Developer